Investment Castings Company That Choose Our Service

At Express Prototyping, LLC in Rochester Hills, MI, we offer investment castings and 3D printing service to different companies. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to produce various prototypes for our clients’ different needs.

Our Clients


BIMAC Precision Castings

A premier producer of precision investment castings for a wide range of industries


RLM Industries

Doing quality investment casting work since 1975


Acra Cast

Manufacturing quality investment castings for nearly 50 years


Prototype Casting Inc

Offering aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and SS prototype to production castings


BETE Fog Nozzles

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of the highest-quality Industrial Spray Nozzles


Stainless Foundry Inc.

A leading manufacturer of raw and machined castings in sand and investment

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If you are in need of a reliable provider of investment castings and 3D printing service, look no further. Our experienced team will help you. You can count on us to bring quality and timely customer service all the time.